After years of using the Etude House Wonder Pore Toner I'm trying out another product. It's the popular Beauty Water from Son & Park. This toner is currently popular in Korea and even famous youtubers love it! For example Jenn Im from Clothesencounters talked about this product in one of her videos. (Who also love her as much as I do??) I decided to grab this one since my Etude House toner was running out.

Son & Park
But first let's talk a bit about the brand Son & Park. This brand can be quite unfamiliar for some people. But they do have a few popular products for example this Beauty Water and their Skin Fit Foundation (Showed in a Korean beauty show called: Get It Beauty). Son & Park are indeed two people called Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yun who both are makeup artists. They are exclusive makeup artists of leading Korean actors and actresses and famous for their dewy and glowing skin. Also famous for their "skin first philosophy" because it affects the makeup you put on top.

The Beauty Water
This is a multi-tasking product made from natural ingredients that gently cleans and moisturizes leaving the skin smooth, revitalized and hydrated. It dries and absorbs quickly leaving your skin soft super soft. The design is very simple, made out of plastic, and minimalistic with a black cap. It has a chic and sophisticated feel to it. 

I use it as a toner in the morning and evening. In the morning I use it mainly for makeup application creating the perfect canvas for makeup. In the evening I use it to wipe away remaining impurities and dirt that my cleanser didn't wash off. I don't like the product as much as my Etude House one for the night time. I feel like the Etude House Wonder Pore does a better job leaving my skin feel clean. I'm also not pleased about the way the product comes out. No problem when you use a cotton pad but if you're like me and apply the product with your hands in the morning then this design can be quite troublesome. 2 out of the 3 times I accidentally spill some product, such a waste. 

How do I feel about this product?
I love how my skin feels after this product, super soft! It also tightens up a bit because it does contain alcohol but it's not drying at all. I wish the application of the product could be better but the design makes up for it. You can buy this product here

Easy to use
*5 max

Loves, Diana.

Happy new year!!!! 2016 is officially here and I feel better than ever. Sounds silly but I feel more determined to achieve my goals this year than any previous years. But we'll see if this year will be different. One thing I know for sure is that 2016 is gonna be awesome :).

I celebrated my last day in 2015 with my family, eating, drinking and making tons of pics. We also open up our christmas presents during NYE because I always have to work during christmas. I got a instax mini which I loveeee, can't wait to shoot some polaroids. I also got a Murakami book (I love Murakami), a Michael Kors wallet (I lost my previous one so that was nice to get) and sum moneeeey. Overall 2015 ended with a lot of good vibes and good food, which resulted to a few massive pimples LMAO.

SO a new year means some new resolutions!! I'm the type of person that makes these kind of resolutions but never go through with it. But that doesn't stop me from making new ones every year. So here they are, my 2016 new year resolutions:

  1. Drink a glass of water every morning before breakfast. This helps with starting up my metabolism getting it ready for breakfast.
  2. Make more healthier eating choices. 
  3. Make more money than previous years because yaaaasss.
  4. Save more money than previous years because we broke bitches.
  5. Be more active on social media. I've been neglecting my instagram account so much rn.
Those were my new year resolutions, let's just hope I keep up with it.

I hope that you guys had a wonderful end of the year and much luck and happiness for 2016 :).
Loves, Diana.

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